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Thread: Study : Windows 7 is still susceptible to 80% virus

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    and failed to install any anti-virus software. OK, so this might be a little unfair you would think, but it does represent the actions of many a person new to the new OS. Microsoft insists it is the most secure version of Windows yet, and ‘ordinary users’ will take the company at its word.
    Bah! Humbug! That is just garbage, or as so succinctly stated by hackerman1, "those results are only BS..."

    I would also suggest that OEM machines will have an anti-virus software installed. I understand that they receive $7-10 per install. However, they are giving that up on the computers sold through the Microsoft Stores and MSE is installed on those computers!!!

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    So while I'm not a fan of companies sensationalizing findings about Windows 7 in order to sell more of their own software, I nevertheless agree with them that you still need to run anti-virus software on Windows 7...

    -Windows 7 Vulnerability Claims | Windows Security Blog

    The screenshot above was done during rogueware testing : Even Sophos can be bypassed by Rogueware. No, I'm not against Sophos Labs.

    For me computer safety really depends on the user. Be aware of the threats and use brain.exe to amplify defense-in-depth approach.

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    Default No surprise

    I'm not surprised. Here's how this happens.

    There are very few viruses these days. Viruses are that form of malware that cannot be executed on its own, but must be embedded in another program. There may be six or so new viruses written each year; they are easy to discover and not profitable.

    Instead, we see a lot of Trojan horse software, spyware and some worms. Each of these malware types are self-sufficient. "Anti-virus" software has been coaxed into expanding its scope. It has taken on Trojan horses, worms, spyware, "suspicious programs" ... a vague scope creep, hoping to meet vague user expectations. ("My anti-virus software will save me.")

    This isn't a distinction to dismiss as "just semantics." The important distinction to recognize is that viruses and worms require no user interaction to install, while Trojan horse and spyware software might be installed by visiting a malicious web site (a "drive by" install, exploiting a browser or browser add-on vulnerability) but more likely the user deliberately installed the Trojan horse or spyware. "Deliberately" ... the user may be tricked or deceived, but they installed the malware with deliberation.

    It is easy to take an existing Trojan horse or spyware program (or worm or virus, actually any software) and obfuscate it so that it passes "anti-virus" pattern-matching software. Release the result and it goes undetected. It was modified until it would be undetected. While some behavior-matching may be done by "anti-virus" software, extensive behavior-matching would make system performance sluggish.

    We see many versions of slightly modified Trojan horse and spyware software released regularly. Often, someone will take a fresh set and run them against a battery of "anti-virus" packages. The not-so-surprising finding is that 80% of the recent versions of malware escape detection. The surprising finding is that the number is less than 100%.

    The summary: Practice safe computing, don't trust every website or program. Like I said, no surprises.

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