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How do you explain this issue?
There isn't solution. You can't have an unsandboxed Office in this occurance. It's a limitation.
Correct in that specific occurrence. Which is not what you said in your original post. But be that as it may, Why in the world would you ever WANT to?

Firstly, I never use an unsandboxed application to load internet websites, but then I never use word to open internet pages either. The link that you refer to proves one thing, office works just fine outside the sandbox. You just can't use it to launch IE into a forced sandbox.

Which makes very good sense as you do not want the sandboxed program to return data (or executable code) to the parent application running outside of the sandbox.

That would be like, you know, an open door for exploits. So in the way that anti-virus software limits you from running programs with a virus, yes this could be seen as a limitation. Or another way of saying it is that it is an application design decision. You don't have to run any program in forced mode so this is all moot anyway.

If you need to open links from an unsandboxed instance of Word (or any program) here is a fast workaround: Copy the link from word (not in a sandbox) and paste it into IE's address bar (in a sandbox). There ya go. Word is not somehow magically connected to IE. Or in technical terms, IE is NOT running as an instantiated object of Word. All done, no worries.

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Another example, Windows Mail can be opened by IE or another browser through a mailto shortcut. If I want only IE as forced program, I can't pretend this by SandBoxie.
If your application or its child apps are going to connect to the internet why would you NOT want them sandboxed? I've asked that several times now as it seems to be the key to your issue. Personally I want anything that is connected to the internet isolated from the real OS. Just as I want my virus scanner to look at all files and my anti-malware to look at all processes running in memory.

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