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Thread: Attacks spread malware with help from AppleInsider

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    Cool Attacks spread malware with help from AppleInsider

    Malware purveyors are exploiting web vulnerabilities in,, and a dozen other sites to foist rogue anti-virus on unsuspecting netizens.
    The ongoing attacks are notable because they use exploits based on XSS, or cross-site scripting, to hide malware links inside the URLs of trusted sites. That's something application security expert Mike Geide doesn't see often. As a result, people who expect to visit sites they know and trust are connected to a page that tries to trick them into thinking their computer is infected.
    The malicious links are blasted out on web forums and typically look something like:

    Source: Attacks spread malware with help from AppleInsider ? The Register

    Firefox users may install NoScript add on by Giorgio Maone to prevent XSS attacks.

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    Thanks for the useful article.

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    As Luffy has said thanks for the useful information. For the sake of repeating myself we all need to be aware of these things and do our best to prevent them from attacking us or others.

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