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Thread: Windows 7 Folder Security and Administrator

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    Default Windows 7 Folder Security and Administrator

    Hello im new here its good to be here and proud to be Windows 7 user for 2 months i still want to learn more on Windows 7 features like How to lock this Folder and its contains that only Administrator mode can do change,modify,write,copy&paste,replace,and delete?

    i also noticed some folder has Shield icon when you right click it , like there's a shield icon that highlighted on delete command if you click delete you will asked that only Administrator or you must be Admin to do this command however not all folder has that how create admin security to my folder?

    these security stuff saved my day yesterday i got affected by a virus that spearing through .EXE and HTML's after i clean all those virus i noticed some folders and its entire contains did not effected by virus probably the security stuff

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    Hi coco7, I'm sure you will learn a lot more about Windows 7 if you keep visiting these forums and browsing them

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    Welcome to the forums, keep visiting regularly to keep yourself updated about the technology.

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