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Thread: a-squared on a 64bit system.

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    Default a-squared on a 64bit system.

    For the last 2 months I have been singing the praises of Emsi a-sqaured Anti-Malware. It's light on resources, fast, scans deep and really is a great product, that, until now I would recommend to any one looking for a quality security solution.

    So, whats gone wrong?

    Well, this weekend I had a lot of free time on my hands and ended up digging deep into the workings of a-squared and I am very glad I did. I was unaware that the on guard scanner "Active Surf Protection" is disabled and not available for x64 systems.

    Concerned this was a bug or a feature I had accidentally disabled I wrote to Emsi technical support about my concerns.

    I promptly received a reply referring me to the system requirements on the download page. Did I read and check the system requirements before downloading? No, I never do. If a version is available for a x64 OS you just presume it's gonna work. Big mistake!

    "System requirements

    a-squared Anti-Malware runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as on 2003/2008 Servers in all 32 bit editions. On x64-systems the scanner and OnExecution guard work very well, but the behavior blocking module (Malware-IDS) does not run currently."

    I am not a fan of small print or system requirements, however, my PC has been left open and exposed to all the nasty elements out there, so the moral of this story is before downloading and installing any program to your beloved PC, check it's gonna work 100%.

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    Thats a very nice and an important point you have raised!

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    hi !

    yes it´s always a very good idea to read the system requirements.

    marcEmarc: "my PC has been left open and exposed to all the nasty elements out there,"

    well, not completely left open, since the scanner works.

    "It's light on resources,"

    oh yes, it really doesn´t use much memory, have you seen my thread ?

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    Well I guess that would be why my active surf protection is throwing errors at me lately ..... nice to know , thanks for the heads up !

    I wonder if they have any plans on fixing it ?

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