Securitycadets’ is proud to introduce and release SCars.

SCars has been a long project for awhile now and it’s at that stage where we feel comfortable that it can be released to the general public.

What is SCars? To quote the SCars home page:

“SCars is a program designed to aid users in performing the regular computer maintenance tasks that should be undertaken to keep their computer working efficiently. Tasks such as updating Windows and security software, and cleaning temporary files are important to a computer’s health. In addition, SCars can be used to remind users of whatever they choose as it has the capability for users to create ‘custom’ reminders for any purpose.”

For a long time now, we have been developing this application which started from a small idea from some of our staff behind the scenes. At the time we were discussing overhauling our support forums. And from somewhere, it sparked a conversation about creating a tool. So that we can assist computer users not only via our website, but on their actual computer when they’re offline or online after we have assisted them. That was the start of a project which we then dubbed, Project X.

* Built-in computer Security and Maintenance reminders – all customizable
* Custom reminders for any purpose
* Automatic or manual updating available
* Multiple languages supported
* Full help and support available (more info)

For a run-down of the above visit the Features page.

We don’t expect at this stage to have a Pro version for which you pay for. As it stands it is a freeware application to recommend to anyone which will assist in maintaining a computer. All those who contribute, are volunteers. They have either been in a position themselves where they got infected and seeked help on similar websites like our own. So they know where most users come from. That is vital to the development of SCars to maintain it’s functions as it’s designed for.

Although this release is stable, we have not yet fully implemented all features. So for the first public version, it will be a Beta. We do want to remind anyone using it in the Beta version that testing will be at your own risk.

More and download from: Security Cadets SCars – Introducing A New Program