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Thread: Rootkit detection and removal software?

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    Default Rootkit detection and removal software?

    I know this question has been asked before. I want to ask again because many antivirus and antimalware company just rolled out new version (Avira, MBAM, superantispyware, Vipre, etc.)

    What is your favorite Rootkit detection and removal software? Shareware is ok but freeware is better.

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    Default Rootkit detection and removal software?

    Eradicating a rootkit once it's entrenched in your operating system is very difficult. So system administrators often don't dig out rootkits. Instead, they back up all data files from the infected machine; reformat the hard drive; and restore the operating system and executable applications. Where did the sysadmins get a perfect copy of all those things from which to restore them?

    This is where regularly scheduled hard drive imaging becomes a very good idea. If you make an exact duplicate of your hard drive while it is not infected with a rootkit payload, you can restore your system to the way it was before an infection. (See my related article on making a Hard Drive Backup Image.

    If you haven't been making disk images regularly, or you suspect the rootkit is also embedded in your disk image discs, then you can try a rootkit removal utility. There are several free and paid products available. Here are some I recommend, because they come from trusted sources and have achieved a good reputation for detecting and removing rootkits:

    * F-Secure Blacklight is a rootkit detector that works by finding objects that are hidden from both users and security tools. BlackLight examines your system at a deep level and gives you the option to remove any nasty malware or rootkits that are detected.

    * Sophos Anti-Rootkit is an advanced rootkit detection program which can be operated from a friendly graphical interface or the command line.

    * Trend Micro Rootkit Buster scans your system's hidden files, registry entries, active processes, driver software, and can even detect Master Boot Record rootkits.

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    I add Gmer to that list.

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