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Thread: I Hate McAfee

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    James_T is offline New Member
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    May 2010

    Thumbs down I Hate McAfee

    On May 03, 2010 I booted up my PC and the McAfee Security Centre (MFC) turned red and stated that my PC was not protected. I was unable to open the MFC. I rebooted the PC, but could not start the MPC. After a while, I was notified that there was an update available. I accepted this and a very long download took place, it installed and eventually the NEW MFC sprang to life. This new MPC had the following faults:
    Under “Features”:
    no “Data Protection”.
    no “PC Optimization” (no QuickClean!)
    no “Parental Controls”.
    Under “Navigation”:
    “Scheduled Scan Settings” didn’t respond.
    “Traffic Monitor” responded with a blank page.
    “Subscription” responded with a blank page.
    I couldn’t find reference to Anti-Spam.
    There may have been other missing items, features I didn't use regularly.

    I re-installed using my original purchased discs, but got the same the same result.

    McAfee staff then recommended that:
    a) I run McAfee Virtual Technician. This would not run!
    b) I go to the support at Technical Support Chat. I did this, the site tried to download sum software before I got to actually "Chat" to anyone. The software would not load!

    The next recommendation was to use the McAfee removal tool and reload McAfee Total Protection from my account on their website. I ran the McAfee removal tool and rebooted the PC. I again ran the McAfee removal tool and again rebooted the PC.
    I downloaded and installed the program, then tried to run Virtual Technician, but again this would not run.
    However, I now had a new MPC with all the features apparently in place but NOT FULLY WORKING! It would not download updates and then the next day complained that "it was not up-to-date". If I tried update manually it stated it was searching but would search without without stopping. I let run for 2 hours with no result. QuickClean and other PC optimization tools did not work. Clicking on them resulted in their settings screen opening, but like the update settings page, changing a setting would not save. The Update setting would not change from "download and install updates automatically". The MPC also regularly came up with a RED warning that real-time scanning was not enabled. The MPC allowed me to switch this on and then the MPC would go away happy until came back 10 or 20 minutes later with the update or real-time warning again.
    Totally useless.

    So on May 10, 2010, I made a clean install of Win 7, installed only critical windows updates and then downloaded McAfee. Exactly the same MPC with the same problems! I closed down the PC and went to bed, mentally composing an Email to blast McAfee, website off the net.
    Next day I used my PC for other work which had been neglected due to distractions with McAfee. After about an hour, I checked the MPC and nothing seemed any different from the day before. I checked the update settings page and it allowed me to apply "Notify me when updates are available". I then went to the QuickClean button and it allowed me to set it to work manually and set up a schedule. It seemed to be working.
    I then allowed Windows Update to download all of the updates it wanted, (this was a new Win 7 install, remember). I held my breath and tried MPC. Still working 11 days later.


    It wasn't my PC at fault, because it was not immediately cured by the clean install of Win 7, but actual took a further day, for the MPC to be corrected with no input from me.

    So some an McAfee update repaired my sick MPC seven or eight days after a previous McAfee update screwed it up.

    I have had to work at this in an organized, logical manner. Unlike the responses from McAfee!

    McAfee? Never again. Be Warned!

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    I never have cared for McAffee. I've seen it on-and-off with different companies I've worked with. Generally speaking I haven't ever seen it accomplish much and it has, at times, been a real processor hog.


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    I use McAfee for years since a bloated software till now a light weight one.
    It happened once that I couldn't re-installed the McAfee Virus Scan Plus in my machine after trying almost a week & download new installers again & again.
    I email to McAfee supports & immediately got advices to solve the problems. far so good, strong protections & good SiteAdvisor & hardly find any FP and certainly now light in resources consuming.

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