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Thread: How to test a new Antivirus / Firewall without messing up your O/S

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    Default How to test a new Antivirus / Firewall without messing up your O/S

    hi !

    How to test Antivirus-programs & Firewalls without messing up your Operating system:

    clone your existing Windows 7-partition with fx. Macrium to a new partition.

    add the new partition to the bootmanager and reboot.

    select the new (cloned) partition and you have an O/S to test programs on.

    if some program mess up the Operating system then you donīt have to do anything, except reboot to get the original system back again.

    iīm going to set up such a "testsystem" myself...

    i got the idea after having spent several days trying to find out why i couldnīt get my internet connection back after i decided to try Online Armor instead of Comodo.

    the reason to switch firewall is the serious securityproblems i discovered....
    more info:

    i had to reinstall a Windows 7-image several times before i managed to get internet back, then firefox was working but i couldnīt get OA and a-squared to download updates from the servers.
    the real problem was that i didnīt uninstall comodo, using "services" i just disabled Comodo, but after doing a proper uninstall everything is working.

    if i have had such a cloned Windows 7-partition it would have saved a lot of time...

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    Try testing new apps on virtual machine (you can use VMWare or Virtual Box or Virtual PC).

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