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Thread: Black Box Password Manager

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    Thumbs up Black Box Password Manager

    Since we all have a lot of IDs, Passwords to use for different websites, email boxes, Windows log on, etc. It is very hard to keep up with which is what.
    I had found a small program that is FREE and it is not locked to just a particular Windows OS. It is called "BlackBox Password Manager".

    Here is the quote from the software website: "The application stores your passwords in a highly encrypted local database. This database consists of only one file, so it can be easily transferred from one computer to another. Black Box Password Manager allows you to store your passwords grouped any way you like. You could sort the passwords by function (email, ftp) or by server, etc. The program can export the database to various formats (like TXT, XML, CSV ...). It can also import data from various other formats (TXT files, CSV files ...).

    If you want to store the passwords for a longer term offline, you can print the password list. The program offers easy copy the username / passwords into Windows clipboard for easy usage. Just in case you need a strong random password generator, Black Box Password manager provides an excellent password generator which guarantees unique and complex passwords each time it is used."

    You can also create different folders to keep all related IDs and Passwords.


    I am adding the link since its a freeware:
    Download BlackBox Password Manager 3.3.0 Free - With this application you can store your passwords - Softpedia

    But I am changing the title of this post. It is identical to the one I posted yesterday on TWC:
    "How to recover Windows 7 Network, Login, Messenger, IE passwords"
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    Thanks for sharing and adding the link to the software..
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    Black Box looks similar to KeePass Password Safe.

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    On the Softpedia link you provided, it states that this "freeware" is Ad-supported / FREE, so it should be called Adware, since it is not true freeware.
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    I hate it when software doesn't have a normal home page. Drives me nuts!

    I think this is the homepage.

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