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Thread: Why do I need the Malicious Software Removal Tool when I already run an antivirus?

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    Question Why do I need the Malicious Software Removal Tool when I already run an antivirus?


    I just read an article on the Malicious Software Removal Tool here.

    So tell me something please. Why do I need this tool? Do I need this tool when I am already running MSE (or any other AV for that matter)? Does it do something which MSE cannot do? If yes, what? And then why isnt the same capability then included in MSE? Whats the need of a seperate tool?


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    As Anand writes in that article, malicious software removal tool does not replaces an antivirus. It is a tool used to remove post installation infections... Anand also mentioned how it is differ from an Antivrus

    KB890830 lists the three key areas in which the tool differs from an antivirus application.

    The tool removes malicious software from an already-infected computer. Antivirus products block malicious software from running on a computer. It is significantly more desirable to block malicious software from running on a computer than to remove it after infection.
    The tool removes only specific prevalent malicious software. Specific prevalent malicious software is a small subset of all the malicious software that exists today.
    The tool focuses on the detection and removal of active malicious software. Active malicious software is malicious software that is currently running on the computer. The tool cannot remove malicious software that is not running. However, an antivirus product can perform this task.

    Source: Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft - FAQ | The Windows Club
    To know about it more...Read what Mailicious software are?

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    Yes, you may not be required to run the MSRT if you have a good AV. Its too be run only if you get infected and you need an additional tool to remove these specific malware. You may choose to 'not run' it when offered in WU too, I suppose.

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