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Thread: Browser home page & settings hijacked - Fix and restore.

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    Default Browser home page & settings hijacked - Fix and restore.

    Browser Hijacking is a type of online fraud. Scammers use malicious software to take control of your computer's Internet browser and change how and what it displays when you're surfing the web.

    How does one know if your browser has been hijacked?

    1. Home page or other settings change on your computer. Links are added that point to websites that you'd usually avoid.
    2. You can't navigate to certain web pages, such as antispyware and other security software sites.
    3. A seemingly endless barrage of ads pops up on your screen.
    4. New toolbars or Favorites are installed that give you icons and links to web pages that you don't want.
    5. Your computer runs sluggishly. Malicious software can slow down your computer.

    Useful information at:

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    how does browser has been hijacked ???

    what are the malicious software

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