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Spyware found in Firefox add-on IE Tab Plus 1.95 !

"Just a heads up for those sys admins who might be using the IE Tab Plus (3.6+) in a corporate enviroment (lan/intranets/webguis etc)
or you just value your security and privacy,
the current update being pushed out for this Firefox Addon is also installing without notice
components that capture all URLs/refferers visited as well as numerous other user statistics and
transmit them back to superfish dot com via a hidden https XSS request (3600000ms)

if you have these files in your profiles extensions subdirectories located in
\yourFFprofiledirectory\extensions\ietab@ip.cn\com ponents

nsSuperfishComponent.js (5.4k)
nsSuperfishProgressListener.js (15.7k)
nsSuperfishStatistics.js (16.5K)
nsSuperfishUtils.js (60.8k)

then you have the spyware installed"

the full story: Spyware found in (Coral) IE Tab Plus (3.6) - 1.95 mozillaZine Forums