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Thread: Returnil System Safe Free protects your Pc with anti-malware and virtualization tech

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    Question Returnil System Safe Free protects your Pc with anti-malware and virtualization tech

    Returnil System Safe 2011 uses an advanced anti-malware and virtualization technology. It clones (copies) your operating system and creates a virtual environment for your PC.

    Instead of loading the native operating system, a clone is loaded that allows you to run your applications and perform your online activities in an entirely isolated environment. In this manner, your actual operating system is never affected by viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious threats.

    To return to the actual operating system environment, you just need to restart your PC. While working in the virtual environment, you have the option of saving documents and files so that your data will not be lost when the system is restarted.

    Returnil System Safe is free for non-commercial, personal home use.

    Anyone tried it or have any experience with it?

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    no, not the 2011-version.
    i´ve used the previous version, and that didn´t work as you describe it above.

    it doesn´t "clone" your system, instead every changes to the system that you make is done in a special folder, and everything you download goes into another folder.
    fx. after having surfed on some "dangerous" websites etc. you can choose to keep every change on your "real" system or to delete eveything,
    and also choose to move downloads to the "real" system.

    however, one problem with using Returnil is fx. that if you download updates for your antivirus-program or "windows updates" then you´ll have to transfer those updates from the Returnil-folder to your "real" system, otherwise all updates are gone after you have rebooted.

    this is one good reason to use Sandboxie instead, fx. if i run Firefox in a sandbox, then it doesn´t affect anything else, all antivirus-updates etc. are downloaded to the "real" system.

    Returnil´s antivirus has got bad results in those tests that i´ve seen.

    but if you want to REALLY maximixe your security, use Returnil & then run Sandboxie "inside" Returnil.
    it can be done, i know because i have tried it....
    it works perfectly, but you have to remember to restore eveything to the right place after you have finished surfing....

    combine that setup with a really good combination of antivirus-programs, like fx. MSE & Avast or MSE & Emsisoft AntiMalware (EAM).
    also use a really good firewall like fx. Comodo or Online Armor,
    use Winpatrol, set UAC to max.
    use Firefox & NoScript for surfing the web.

    if you use THAT setup then you have REALLY good security !

    i believe it would be VERY hard for the "bad" boys to bypass that....
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