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Thread: Rogue scareware Ultra Defraggenow fakes hard disk failures - Removal

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    Default Rogue scareware Ultra Defraggenow fakes hard disk failures - Removal

    Hard disk failures are a fact of life in the tech world. It’s something many of us have experienced, and not with fond memories. Trojan.FakeAV writers are aware of this, and the end of last year saw a move by some into the creation of fake hard disk scanners and defragmentation tools.

    Trojan.Fakefrag is essentially a wrapper around UltraDefragger. Its aim is to increases the likelihood of you purchasing a copy of UltraDefragger by craftily convincing you that your hard drive is failing. It attempts to do this by doing the following:
    •It fakes hardware failure messages
    •It moves all the files in the "All Users" folder to a temporary location and hides files in the "Current User" folder. This makes it look like you have lost all the files on your desktop.
    •It stops you from changing your background image.
    •It disables the Task Manager.
    •It sets both the “HideIcons” and “Superhidden” registry entries to give the impression that more icons have been deleted.

    Trojan Feigns Failures to Increase Rogue Defragger Sales | Communauté Symantec Connect

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