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Thread: Avast antivirus and win32:vitro

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    Default Avast antivirus and win32:vitro


    Have a few questions regarding the AV I use, Avast Free:

    I did a full system scan, boy, it takes a long time, and it found two
    instances of win32:vitro.


    a. How come it did not prevent this viruse from entering ny system in the
    first place ?
    I do have all of their "Shields" turned on.

    b. I have both instances that it found quaranteed in their "Chest".
    It describes this as being a perfectly safe to leave them.
    Is it ?

    Apparently, there is no option for totally removing it that I can find.
    Is there a way to get it out of the Chest, and totally removed ?
    Assuming there is somew way, is this better than just leaving in their Chest ? Why ?

    c. I also did a Boot scan. How is this different from their Full System Scan ?

    d. Their are 2 Users on the PC.
    Is it necessary to do the Full System Scan, and the Boot Scan, separately for each User, or it scans everything on the PC, irrespective of which User is logged in ?

    Much thanks,
    appreciate the help,

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    Looks like your other user has picked it up. It is a really nasty one. Get rid of it. It may still be active even in the anti virus security.
    try this:
    Remove Win32.Vitro, removal instructions

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    Hi, Stirwpgp.

    win32:vitro is Virut. The only safe recovery is backing up your data, format and reinstall the operating system. See miekiemoes' Blog: Virut and other File infectors - Throwing in the Towel?.

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    A boot scan is run at boot time before Windows loads and is always the better scan to run.

    I think there is an option to delete items from quarantine. Try to right click the file and see if the option exists.

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