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Thread: MSE is most widely used antivirus in world

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    Default MSE is most widely used antivirus in world

    A recent study by OPSWAT indicated that currently Microsoft Security Essentials is the most widely used antivirus in the world.

    See OPSWAT results

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    Prior to the launch of MSE my favourite Anti Virus was AVG, however now I recommend MSE when anyon asks for a free anti virus application. I have to admit that I use MSE on my virtual machines of XP and Vista but on my Windows 7 I use Sophos Anti Virus. Sophos is rather expensive but it does the job admirably. Of all the anti virus applicatios I have used over the years th one I no longer recommend is Norton, mainly because it is a system hogger. Back in the day when Norton developed the anti virus I believe it was well worth having, but since symantec took over Norton they have simply ruined the product. As for Mcafee the least said the better!

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    I used to recommend Avast before MSE came. But now Microsoft Security Essentials is what I used to recommend a lot. It's simple, efficient and won't hog your system. I'm no expert in this area but I believe it has very less false positive rate.

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    Wow, that is a tough market with the market leader having less than an 11% share.

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    MSE has grown from strength to strength. I used to recommend Avast as the best free antivirus before Microsoft Security Essentials was launched; now ofcourse I recommend MSE. However I use NOD32 on my computers, however.

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    I went from AVG to Avast because it also scans my NAS and //readyshare drives. Does MSE do that?

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