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Thread: can vista turn computer on?

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    Default can vista turn computer on?

    hi guys

    I am wondering if vista can turn my laptop on at 4 in the morning to run anti virus scan?

    Or wake from sleep to run this scheduled task?

    How can i do this?


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    So long as your laptop is in Sleep mode then you can schedule it to wake at a specific time to run the anti virus. Problems is, turning it off again. You would either have to set sleep options to say 5 minutes. In other words the PC goes to sleep again after 5 minutes of inactivity or else leave it to go to sleep according to your current default settings.

    As most anti virus applications run in the background why, specifically, would you want the anti virus running at 4 in the morning? To be honest my anti virus isn't even set to run on a schedule. After the first run the anti virus is checking things in the background, so it is constantly monitoring for any unusual activity. I occasionally, say once a month, manually run the anti virus, but, as I know it is always monitoring in the background, I don't bother setting a schedule. You can easily set a scan manually by opening up your anti virus application and running it. You can still continue to use your PC even though the anti virus is scanning. Okay things may be a little slower, but it isn't that noticable - unless, of course, you really don't have a lot of memory or you are using memory intensive applications.

    Scheduling a scan will depend upon your anti virus application. As you don't actually say which anti virus you are using we can't be specific on how to set up the scan for you. But setup is usually quite straightforward, it is simply a case of checking the anti virus preferences.
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