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Thread: Can a Virus Spread Over Wireless LAN?

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    Default Can a Virus Spread Over Wireless LAN?

    Hi, ive been wondering for a while, say if a laptop had a virus on it, and it was connected to the internet using my wirerless router, can that virus spread to the main computer? Or the other way around if the main computer had a virus, when the laptop connects to it, can a virus spread over to it using the wireless internet?

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    Yeah, I agree from your statement, I am also using wireless internet, and this problem is also happening with me.. I am curious to know, that how to remove it and also for good anti virus!

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    I believe Worms can.

    Check out this whitepaper and see if it throws more light on the subject.

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    Assuming you had an open share on the other computer, an active virus on the first machine could easily copy itself
    to the share.
    However, whether that malicious code will ever run when the other box is booted depends on whether there were any
    vulnerabilities existing there when the virus was copied.

    Perhaps somebody else could provide further details.

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    Unless you share files/documents with all machines connections, otherwise virus won't go automatically infected through router's connection ports.

    Same thing...if you use public wifi, will all users be infected ?
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