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Thread: What went wrong with my Quick heal anti virus?

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    Default What went wrong with my Quick heal anti virus?

    QuickHeal AntiVirus is the complete version, which came along with my new laptop. My laptop is clean as i check for viruses almost every other day. But this morning i don't know what happened and there are no words on home window of anti virus. I mean if i want to check something on on that panel, i just can't as no words are written there anymore but the anti virus is still there. I downloaded Microsoft security essentials just for a check and after four and a half hours scan, nothing harmful was found. So i uninstalled the MSE. Do u have ny idea what could be wrong, its not a virus for sure.

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    I have used QuickHeal some 7 years back so cannot say much about the latest version. But as I understand - you are saying that none of the letterings or words or text in visible in any of its open windows, am I correct? Or are you saying that there is no text visible in your Windows Control Panel?

    If it is the latter see this: Control Panel windows is blank.

    You also said that MSE has not found anything later on...

    So maybe your QH installation has been corrupted, If it is your Quick Heal control panel that is blank, check if it has a Repair QH installtion option. If yes try and repair QH installation. If not, maybe you want to consider uninstalling QuickHeal, running CCleaner to clean PC junk, and re-installing it again. The other option would be to contact their Support and see what they say.

    The next time you need to renew your antivirus license, I'd strongly recommend that you consider installing Microsoft Security Essentials. Atleast that is what I would do if I were in your place. And if you do decide to renew it, make sure you additionally have Microsoft Security Scanner on your Windows PC.

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