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Thread: Home network security problem.

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    Red face Home network security problem.


    I was quite puzzled this week when our son said 'you have some good music on your computer and now you've put some of the DVD's on it to watch in the car, I've been watching them upstairs on my Playstation 3'.

    I did'nt know what to say, as I never had this problem with my old windows XP laptop, but my wife got me a new Acer 5750Z laptop for Christmas. I use f-secure internet security and have my router to only allow certain MAC addresses at certain times to make sure the kids don't stay on the internet all night.

    I have all my files stored on an Iomega network media drive and have the folders set to secure, but he was accessing them at 1am and using the files on the secured drive.
    He then told me he started logging onto the internet using my laptops name instead of the home network name and said it was slower, but could access my music and films.

    Due to having 4 computers (the new laptop with windows 7 and 3 with windows XP) in our home, they are setup so they can all link and share files between each-other (think its known as a network group in XP), but only I had access to files on the Iomega drive and needed to enter a password (once per folder, as remembers) to link the computer I use to the folders needed on the drive. Any other computer or item trying to access it needs a password. He seems to be accessing my laptop from his PS3 and gaining full access to everything linked to it and therefore bypassing my security.

    Firstly I did'nt think the PS3 would even link to the computers, but only the router and between the times I had set. Does this mean my laptop has a built in router of some kind and if so, is there a way to allow access between the computers like before and keep the Iomega drive secure, as I think if he can access everything, as can others in the area.

    I would class this as a major security problem and hope somebody within the windowsclub might be able to help me, as I've always been security aware.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


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    You can check your laptops guide or contact the customer care . I think , this can give answer to your question .

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