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Thread: Rogue security software imitate Microsoft security programs

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    Default Rogue security software imitate Microsoft security programs

    You may have noticed these days that rogue security software always try to look like some Microsoft security program or the other.

    This makes them look like the real thing and therefore increases the likelihood of unsuspecting Windows users falling prey to these impostors.

    There has been a resurgence in rogue activity with rogue programs like Security Defender, Internet Security Guard, Privacy Protection, Windows Security Center, etc being in circulation.

    Such rogue security programs attempt to trick users into paying for fake anti virus software, when Microsoft consumer products, namely Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Safety Scanner and Windows Defender are available to all genuine Windows users at no cost.

    Microsoft will never:

    • Pop up on your screen every 30 seconds, minute, 90 seconds, etc asking you to buy or try something. Rogues, however, will pester you and pester you until you either a) click OK and concede to buy their malicious program, or b) remove them once and for all with a reputable antivirus.
    • Microsoft will never cold-call a user. Ever. If you receive one of these phone calls, hang up.

    Go with the real thing! Go with Microsoft Security Essentials or or use any one of these free antivirus software.

    Learn more at Technet Blogs.
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    That is a great article. I am so glad that reference to the scam telephoning people and saying they represent Microsoft was also included. There are a couple threads at "Microsoft Answers" on the fake calls that have been running for over two years. There can't be enough repeating that Microsoft will never cold-call because people continue to fall for the scam.

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