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Thread: Emsisoft Internet Security Pack places first in comparison !

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    Default Emsisoft Internet Security Pack places first in comparison !

    hi !

    Emsisoft Internet Security Pack = Emsisoft AntiMalware (EAM) & Online Armor (OA), at the TOP in a dynamic test of Anti-Virus products !

    99,6 % !
    WOW !!!

    The highly accredited Russian IT platform has recently published a dynamic test of Anti-Virus products which will be repeated monthly. Testing in February 2012 was conducted in virtual machines running Windows 7 x86 SP 1 with 500 samples of real threats, collected on the Internet. The dynamic test involves checks during unpacking an archive, on-demand scanning and executing files. Anti-Virus programs and their components have been configured for optimum protection.

    The Emsisoft Internet Security Pack has received the Virusovnet High + award for the best detection rate from all of the test objects. This latest victory once more shows that the Emsisoft products stand out with their top detection rate and are capable to secure everyone’s computer reliably.

    Take a good look at that picture !
    Where is your antivirus-program in that list...?

    It once again confirms that EAM is a really good Antimalware / Antivirus-program, combine it with Online Armor as firewall and you have a very good security-combination.
    That is the Second timerecently that Emsisoft gets a TOP result !

    Also take a look at this thread:

    EAM is available in both FREE & PAID versions.
    The only difference is that the FREE-version has no realtime-protection.
    Unlike almost all other programs EAM works together with other antivirus-programs !
    The normal recommendation is to only use 1 antivirus-program because using several programs together can cause a lot of conflicts between them.
    But there are also other exceptions, fx. MSE and Avast works well together because Avast (v5) was designed to be able to run together with MSE.

    My own triple-combination works perfectly: EAM, MSE & Avast !
    I also use MBAM-Free (without realtime-protection) & Winpatrol.
    Take a look at my signature....

    Emsisoft also has a very good support.
    I once got an answer in 4 minutes !
    And that was NOT an automatic reply from a computer.
    I posted my question on their forum and the answer was from the "Chief Developer" himself, the man who really knows everything about EAM...
    WOW !

    Then we had a little "chat" on their forum for a while until my problem was solved.
    Another time it took 12 minutes to get an answer, but then it was late in the evening, (after 9 PM !), and we are in the same time zone as far as i know....
    And that is really no exception, in contrary its quite normal, i have never seen anything like it anywhere else before.
    The "Chief Developer" (Fabian Wosar) and other staff is very active on their supportforum, and i have seen many others too getting a very fast reply to their questions.
    We are not talking about days to get an answer, we are usually talking about minutes, or in some cases with a tough problem a few hours !
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