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Thread: Amazing software-----AllSpyMonitor

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    Default Amazing software-----AllSpyMonitor

    I found a wonderful software yesterday--allspymonitor .I have a son, he is 12yeares old, recently I find that he surfs more then 4hours on the web, As a busssinessman I do not have much time to take charge him. So I want a screen soft ware which can watch over his behavior on the internet. Then someone recommends me to use it, he said this software can record every details of the one who use your computer. Step by step. With AllSpyMonitor, you will never doubt who is doing what on your computer. Is it amazing?

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    Hi, ellechy.

    Welcome to The Windows Club.

    You would do better to teach your son responsible computing. Using a keylogger to spy on your son's activities shows a lack of trust. In addition, with a keylogger installed, your keystrokes are also recorded. Should the computer be infected, those keystrokes can most certainly lead to identity theft.

    I suggest you remove the keylogger and set up Parental Controls: Set up Parental Controls

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    I second Parental Controls. They work VERY good, and are a lot more secure than a key logger (which I've used myself in the past). Parental controls lets you give him some freedom over where he goes, but limits it to your guidelines. With a keylogger, you're letting him go where you don't want to go, then punish him. With Parental Controls, you control where he can't go (or to certain types of sites: porn, violence, etc.). You can also get reports on where he went and/or tried to go and how much time he spends on a certain site - if you want him to be on the computer less, you can also give him a time limit. I really like the built in Parental controls, as well as the additional Live component. I use them on my kids PC's.

    I'm one of those kind of people that is pro-privacy on the Internet, and I practice it at home. I don't want my kids browsing sites I don't want them to, but I'm not going to go read their chat logs.... That's not to say I don't tell them I have the power to do so!

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