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Thread: The weirdly obvious Windows security flaw no one ever seems to talk about

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    Default The weirdly obvious Windows security flaw no one ever seems to talk about

    The other day, I was installing Windows 7. This is no surprise, since I've probably installed Windows 7 about a thousand times over the past few years. But this time, I wasn't in my normal work environment, and I didn't have my magic thumb drive filled with my normal tools, like antivirus installers, pre-downloaded service packs, and the like


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    It's been brought up before. It's not impossible that it won't happen, even the best websites have thrown a few malware infested third party ads, but it's such a remote chance. For the common user, their PC will either come with AV preinstalled or on a separate disc. For others, they have it on USB drive. For the rest, a quick download to MSE/AVG/Avast is there. MSN is only there for a single time (rotating ads, quick response time with an infected ad, etc.). The odds are stacked against a malware infection. Yes, it could happen. But, I'll bet that the odds are greater that the USB drive your using will have malware on it before you get infected by the single trip to MSN before downloading your AV. This doesn't account for the fact that a malware filled ad would probably be a zero day exploit that would get around your AV anyway... After the initial infections, it's usually discovered and removed very quickly.

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    Its an eyeball grabbing title - but wasn't too impressed with the authors argument!

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