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Thread: Gauss malware: Check if your PC is infected - Download Removal Tool

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    Default Gauss malware: Check if your PC is infected - Download Removal Tool

    Gauss is a project developed in 2011-2012 along the same lines as the Flame project. The malware has been actively distributed in the Middle East for at least the past 10 months. The largest number of Gauss infections has been recorded in Lebanon, in contrast to Flame, which spread primarily in Iran.

    Functionally, Gauss is designed to collect as much information about infected systems as possible, as well as to steal credentials for various banking systems and social network, email and IM accounts. The Gauss code includes commands to intercept data required to work with several Lebanese banks - for instance, Bank of Beirut, Byblos Bank, and Fransabank.
    Check online if your computer is infected with Gauss malware in a few seconds by going here. Download the Gauss Removal Tool by Kaspersky here.

    CrySyS have also introduced a web-based method to check your system for Palida Narrow. Their test webpage is currently available here:

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    Thank you for this great tweaker.

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