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Thread: The latest testresults from Matousec, September 2013

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    Default Firewall testresults from Matousec, September 2013

    Hi !

    The latest testresults from Matousec


    Avira InternetSecurity 2013
    Dr.Web SecuritySpace
    ZoneAlarm ExtremeSecurity 2013 11.0.780.000

    Dr.Web InternetSecurity 8.2 added new autorun location rules and this improvement caused
    it to go up 13 % inthe overall score from 11 % to its current 24 %.
    Definitely a goodway to go, but why not to cover even more autorun locations?
    They are all very well known today and it should be no problem to add them to the ruleset.
    Implementing aparent process control or otherwise protecting trusted applications from being misused by untrusted would also help a lot.

    ZoneAlarm ExtremeSecurity remained on its 34% score.
    It holds this position for quite a while now.
    It might be a good time to move forward and implement some additional protection.
    How about to review product's files and registry entries and secure them against malicious manipulation?
    There are a few other holes that could be fixed and move this product up in the score.

    Avira InternetSecurity went the opposite way – from its previously 9% score to today's 6 %.
    One of the worst onthis field.

    You should note the comment on Avira !
    Their antimalwareprogram is still decent (although it used to be better), but their firewall......

    Results and comments -

    And if your looking at the list and are thinking about selecting a good firewall,
    then you should note what i posted 2013-03-22:

    "And the latest version of Private Firewall, doesn´t pass Gibsons or PcFlanks "Stealthtest" !?
    That is not the version tested on 3rd placebelow, as that test was made long before the latest version was released.

    Also note my testresults for Private Firewall:
    "It also fails Comodo´s Leak Test, which has been noted by several people over at wilders.
    It only got 270/330 when i tested it."

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    "Latest news
    New results have been published for:
    BullGuard Internet Security 2013 13.0.262
    F-Secure Internet Security 2014 12.89.202
    Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013

    Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013 scored 22 % – the best score among the products tested today.
    Yet still, this score is not good enough and Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete remains in the large group of products with the unsatisfying none protection level.

    F-Secure Internet Security 2014 is the first product marked with 2014 label in our test.
    It comes with a slightly improved protection against basic termination techniques and thus it finished with 5 %, which is 2 % better than its 2013 version.

    BullGuard Internet Security 2013 13.0.262 scored exactly the same as the old version and with the score of 3 % it stays deep in the red zone among the worst products in our challenge.
    " ... llenge-64/

    No change, Comodo is still #1.......

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