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Thread: New test results from AV-test antimalware programs for Windows 8

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    Default New test results from AV-test antimalware programs for Windows 8

    Hi !

    New testresults from, antimalware-programs for W8:
    AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute: Nov/Dec 2013

    Interesting reading, as usual...
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    Yes, I did go through it yesterday. F-Secure, BitDefender, Kaspersky were among the top performers this time...

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    Long ago (XP and before) it seemed really important to make sure you had the absolute best rated security program - or several of the best rated programs installed in layers - to ensure protection.

    But that was with operating systems that were NOT intended to be used primarily on "Internet" connected systems. XP was based on the NT kernel, which was "network" ready - but back then, that generally meant attached to "corporate" networks - not the Internet.

    NO ONE, not the IT media, not the Microsoft pundits/critics, nor the security experts predicted the explosive growth of the Internet, or the voraciousness of the badguys exploiting it.

    Windows 7 and Windows 8 were designed for the Internet (not just networks) and pretty much universally accepted the #1 malware prevention method is simply keeping Windows updated.

    My point is, you still MUST use a capable [and fully updated] antimalware solution, but you don't need to drive around in a resource hogging Abrams tank to remain safe. You need to drive a safe vehicle, keep it properly maintained, AND DRIVE DEFENSIVELY.

    I am sticking with MSE on my W7 systems and WD on my W8 (with supplemental scanning with MBAM - just to be sure) and will continue to recommend their use.


    I am not sure I really understand that study. WD for W8 and MSE for W7 receiving a 0.0/6.0 for protection? Not buying it. Both are designated as the "Baseline" but if protection were that bad (non-existent if you follow the rating), there would surely be millions and millions of infected W8 systems out there, and that is just not happening.
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