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Thread: Warning: VPN clients activates previously disabled DNS cache!

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    Default Warning: VPN client activates previously disabled DNS cache!

    Hi !

    Im using a HOSTS-file from Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File

    Following their recommendations i have disabled the DNS-cache in order to prevent DNS-cache poisoning.

    A few days ago when i was checking some settings in "Services" i noticed that the DNS-cache was enabled !?
    I tried to disable it, which was denied because: "other services depends on it".
    I found out that it was a process from CyberGhost VPN which i installed two months ago that needed the DNS-cache running.

    But, during the installation there was no information regarding activation of the DNS-cache !?

    That is unresponsible, not telling the user they are messing with the security-settings.
    So be aware, if you like me have disabled the DNS-cache in order to prevent DNS cache poisoning, then watch out if you install CyberGhost VPN or similar VPN-clients !

    I posted information about how to activate and disable the DNS-cache with a bat-file here:

    Using those 2 bat-files its possible to have the DNS-cache active only when needed,
    when you are using the VPN-client.
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