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Thread: Av-test award for best protection 2013

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    Default Av-test award for best protection 2013

    Hi !

    "The AV-TEST AWARD FOR BEST PROTECTION 2013 for the best product of the year in terms of its protective effect on the Windows and Android operating systems.
    This category evaluates products according to the protection that they provide against current threats such as malware infections caused by zero-day attacks such as those found in malicious websites and e-mails.

    Home Users (Windows):
    Bitdefender Internet Security

    Corporate Users (Windows):
    F-Secure Client Security

    Mobile Devices (Android):
    Antiy AVL"

    AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute: 2013

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    Too many of such tests coming out these days - don-t know whom to believe anymore.

    Guess I will just stick with my Eset.

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    Too many of such tests coming out these days - don-t know whom to believe anymore.
    I agree. So many of these test facilities are backed (funded) by parties interested in having their products rated tops. That skews, or at least gives the "appearance" the results are skewed, or the tests have been tailored to make one product shine over the other.

    Also, these tests rarely reflect real-world scenarios.

    You don't need a Abrams Tank to remain safe driving down the highway. You just need a properly maintained vehicle, and most importantly, "YOU" the driver, must drive defensively.

    Same with computers. You do not need the absolute best anti-malware program but you do need a good program that is properly maintained (kept current). You also need to keep Windows current, and "YOU", the user, and ALWAYS the weakest link in security, must avoid risky behavior by (1) keeping our systems current and (2) don't be click happy on unsolicited links, downloads, and attachments, and (3) avoid the shady sides of town by not participating in illegal activities like illegal filesharing of copyrighted tunes and videos via torrents and P2P sites.

    I note that Windows 8 has been out officially since October 2012. W8 includes the "new" version of Windows Defender - an "enhanced" version of MSE. It is similar, but not the same as MSE, nor is it the same as the old version of WD (which is anti-spyware only). Yet it appears they did not even test WD in W8.

    While MSE (with W7) and WD (in W8) are not anti-malware power houses, the facts are, we don't need power houses to thwart 99.9% of the badguys. No security can stop a determined, experienced badguy who is personally out to get you - just as the best home security systems will not stop a determined, experienced burglar who has specifically targeted your home.

    Badguys are lazy bums. They go for the easy pickings of the low-hanging fruit. The idea is to remove the "easy pickings" so the badguy moves on. This is easily done by "practicing safe computing". That is, keep our systems current and avoid risky behavior that expose our easy pickings. THE SAME THING we must do, REGARDLESS our anti-malware solution of choice.

    So I have been using MSE on my W7 systems since W7 came out in 2008, and WD on my W8 systems since migrating some systems to W8.1, with no regrets, worries, or malware incidents.

    And also regardless our anti-malware solution of choice, we STILL much ensure nothing sneaked by our anti-malware program (or us) by running periodic supplemental scans with a 2nd scanner. For that, I use and recommend Malwarebytes Antimalware (MBAM). And so far, it has found nothing that got by MSE or WD for W8.

    So, my point? Anti-malware programs are more like firewall programs. That is, it really does not matter what firewall program you use, just use one. That is pretty much the same with AM programs. It is not that important which program you use, as long as you use one, and keep it current. That said, there are fake or rogue anti-malware programs, so care must be taken to avoid those.

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