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Thread: Need help with PrivateFirewall 7.0

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    Question Need help with PrivateFirewall 7.0


    I'm new to this forum, so please bear with me . . .

    I've been using PrivateFirewall 7.0 for a while now and I really like it! Pretty simple and doesn't use up a lot of resources. Lately, though, I've been getting a lot of pop-up messages asking me to either Allow or Block incoming traffic from I don't know what this is or what it does, but I'd like to know how to configure PrivateFirewall to either allow this or block this on it's own, instead of it asking me to do this several times a day.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about???

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    I am not familiar with PrivateFirewall - maybe someone here is. meanwhile you could download their user guide and see if it is of any help.

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    Hi !

    I have tested Private Firewall, it had a lot of annoying popups, that I couldn´t get rid off.
    If I remember correctly it was about svchost....

    But why do you use Private Firewall ?
    It doesn´t protect you....

    Read this from my post in September 2013:

    "And if your looking at the list and are thinking about selecting a good firewall,
    then you should note what i posted 2013-03-22:

    "And the latest version of Private Firewall, doesn´t pass Gibsons or PcFlanks "Stealthtest" !?
    That is not the version tested on 3rd placebelow, as that test was made long before the latest version was released.
    Firewall Security test results from Matousec - March 2013

    Also note my testresults for Private Firewall:
    "It also fails Comodo´s Leak Test, which has been noted by several people over at wilders.
    It only got 270/330 when i tested it."

    And Private Firewall has not been tested again by Matousec since then....

    I suggest you use Comodo Firewall instead !

    Free Antivirus | Free SSL | Internet Security and SSL Certificate from COMODO

    It´s FREE and gives you excellent protection.
    See the testresults on Matousec: Results and comments -

    Comodo also offers antivirus & firewall for FREE,
    even if you use another antimalwareprogram you can use Comodo Antivirus as 2nd opinion scanner,
    without realtime protection, if configued correctly.
    And Comodo Antivirus has performed quite well in recent tests.

    Which antimalwareprogram do you use ?
    Comodo works well together with most of them.
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