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Thread: Ross Andersonīs Security Engineering, available for download.

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    Default Ross Andersonīs Security Engineering, available for download.

    Security Engineering — The Book

    ‘There is an extraordinary textbook written by Ross Anderson, professor of computer security at University of Cambridge.
    It’s called Security Engineering, and despite being more than 1,000 pages long, it’s one of the most readable pop-science slogs of the decade.’
    Ben Goldacre

    ‘I'm incredibly impressed that one person could produce such a thorough coverage.
    Moreover, you make the stuff easy and enjoyable to read. I find it just as entertaining
    — and far more useful — than novels (and my normal science fiction).
    When I first got it in the mail, I said to myself "I'm never going to read all of that.
    "But once I started reading I just kept going and going. Fantastic: well done.
    Now, let's hope that all those in charge of security for information technology will also read the book and heed the lessons.’
    Don Norman

    ‘The book that you MUST READ RIGHT NOW is the second edition of Ross Anderson's Security Engineering book.
    Ross did a complete pass on his classic tome and somehow made it even better...’
    Gary McGraw

    ‘It's beautiful.
    This is the best book on the topic there is’
    Bruce Schneier

    This book is by many considered as "the bible" !

    All chapters from the second edition now available free online:
    Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

    However, itīs a total of 33 PDF-documents to download, and unfortunately they are not available as an archive ("zip"),
    so there is a lot of link-clicking to download them all.

    I have downloaded the whole book, created an archive (7-zip, 41.6 MB),
    and uploaded it to my
    Onedrive where you can get it with just 2 clicks.

    Note: Microsoft puts the 7z-archive in a zip-file when you download...

    And, I have double-checked the archive on VirusTotal, so it should be safe to download:

    SHA256: 644c723cb2255b2dd5383ee1 8e 1 dc74310e03f1 bb93ebf5S3a5bl OOa4bac2b44
    Detection ratio: O / 54
    Analysis date: 2015-01-11 19:51:26 UTC

    Note: For anyone wondering, this is perfectly legal since itīs the author himself (Ross Anderson),
    that has made the book available for download, on his own webbpage.

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