I am deploying a Windows 2012R2 RDSH server.

One of the policies I have in place is to redirect the start menu for each user to an XML file. This statically assigns the icons on the Modern Start Menu.

In that XML file, I have specified that Internet Explorer be a shortcut.

This works fine until I also apply the group policy "run only specified windows applications" (located at: userconfiguration\admintemplates\system\). When enabled, the Internet Explorer icon disappears from the Modern Start Menu. I have tried adding both iexplore.exe and microsoft.internetexplorer.default to the list of permitted applications without success.

Should I give up and use applocker or have one of you identified a solution?

XML Modern Start Menu redirect method used (I can't post URL's yet): Google Search for "Customize Windows 8.1 Start Screens by Using Group Policy" --The first result on Technet is the one.