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Thread: Two-factor authentication finds home in Red Hat & Windows OS

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    Default Two-factor authentication finds home in Red Hat & Windows OS

    "With interest growing around stronger authentication, both Red Hat and Microsoft will have multi-factor log-in built into their platforms by this summer.

    Red Hat is introducing new identity management features as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1,
    including a much-anticipated two-factor authentication option based on FreeOTP.
    Not to be outdone, Microsoft will introduce a native multi-factor authentication infrastructure in Windows 10.
    Both operating system releases are due out by this summer.

    The enterprise security features come at a time of unprecedented hacks that are growing ever larger,
    in terms of records stolen.
    The intent of both companies is to negate phishing attacks and other social engineering theft of passwords,
    by providing end-users with a second-factor (something they have) that is in their possession and not the hackers.

    Full story on ZDNet

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