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Thread: 62% of the Top 50 applications bundle toolbars and other PUPīs

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    Default 62% of the Top 50 applications bundle toolbars and other PUPīs

    62% of the Top 50 applications bundle toolbars and other PUPīs

    "CNET’s is considered to be one of, if not, the most popular download portal(s),
    hosting a conglomerate of different software (free and paid).
    We recently discussed the top ten methods of how toolbars, adware, homepage hijackers,
    and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) can sneak onto your computer.

    Potentially unwanted programs are becoming a new epidemic that users must learn face to overcome, on a regular basis.
    In fact, a recent Panda Security study shows that potentially unwanted programs are on the rise,
    resulting in PUPs now comprising 24.77% of total malware infections.

    A lot of potentially unwanted programs are delivered by installers hosted on download portals such as
    But what kind of programs are frequently bundled and should you look out for ?
    And how many of’s apps actually contain PUPs ?
    62% of all applications bundle toolbars and other PUPs | Emsisoft Blog

    This is the reason for my recommendation to always download directly from the creator of the software,
    or from a webbsite they direct you to.

    But that doesnīt mean that you are always safe...
    Calendar Of Updates has been monitoring this problem for years,
    they have a list of software that gives you toolbars, cleaners, optimizers and other crap when you install them.
    Itīs called Installers Hall of Shame

    If you should install some software and notice it installs (or try to install) "crapware", then get a (FREE) membership over at Calendar Of Updates and report it so it can be added to the list.

    Also remember that many legitimate software want to install "automatic update-programs" that are not dangerous but will run in the background, take system resources and slow down your computer.

    So be careful about what you install !
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    Yeah, that's a real problem these days. Even formerly rock solid and trusted sites like cannot be trusted any more.

    I am using Ninite now. That seems to be OK.

    Spread the Word: Ninite is the Only Safe Place to Get Windows Freeware

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