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Thread: Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, causing serious problems for its customers.

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    Default Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, causing serious problems for its customers.

    Panda users had a bad hair day on Wednesday, after the Spanish security software firm released an update that classified components of its own technology as malign.
    As a result, enterprise PCs running the antivirus software tied themselves in something of a knot,
    leaving some systems either unstable or unable to access the internet.

    A Panda spokesman confirmed the problem while advising that the issue was well in hand:
    "A bad update was published temporarily today [Wednesday] that resulted in some system files being detected by the Panda engine, a replacement update was promptly published removing the error and restoring the wrongly quarantined files," a Panda representative told El Reg.

    "At present we recommend NOT rebooting systems.
    This will allow us to update the system with the amended update.
    This update will also restore files previously detected," he added.

    This is the same old story that we have seen before...

    Last time it was MBAM: An MBAM-update making computers unusable!

    And McAfee has done it twice:

    Once again computers being killed by "automatic quarantine"....

    Regardless of which antimalware-program you are using,
    you should newer allow any "automatic quarantine" / deletion of files on your system !

    I recommend to always check the settings, if there is an option for what to do when something has been detected,
    then set it to "notify", so you can take a look at what has been detected, and then decide yourself what to do.
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    They have now released a tool ps-recovery.exe and instructions to help fix the problem. Links available at TWCN post.

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