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Thread: Adobe has released a new version of Flash player,

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    Default Adobe has released a new version of Flash player,

    "Welcome to the Flash Player and AIR 18 release notes!

    August 11, 2015

    In today's release, we've updated Flash Player with critical security and functional bug fixes.
    We recommend all customers upgrade to this version.

    For those organizations that use the Extended Support Release (ESR),
    please note that we have incremented the ESR from version 13 to version 18 with today's update.

    Current Flash Player 18 users who have enrolled in the "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" update mechanism will be automatically updated to the latest version of Flash Player over the next 24 hours.

    Users who have selected "Notify me to install updates" will receive an update notification dialog within 7 days from today.
    Please note that Windows users will need to restart their system or log out and in to activate the update notification dialog.

    Flash Player can always be downloaded and installed by simply visiting
    Customers using Google Chrome or Windows 8.x Internet Explorer will receive the update through the Google and Microsoft update mechanisms.

    Attention: Please read for important changes regarding Flash Player 13

    Beginning August 11, 2015 we have updated the version of our "Extended Support Release",
    from Flash Player v13 to Flash Player v18 for Mac and Windows.

    To continue to stay current with all available security updates,
    you will need to install the version 18 Extended Support Release or update to the most recent available release.

    For full details, please see this blog post:"

    Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe

    This means that the ESR-version is (currently) the same as the "normal" (
    Itīs recommended to update immediately, donīt wait for the "automatic update" or notifications.

    Directdownload-links, "normal" and ESR-version.

    Internet Explorer:

    Pale Moon, Firefox, Opera:
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