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Thread: A new old boy's first post

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    Default A new old boy's first post

    Hi All

    First post, so Hello.

    I am a reasonably experienced pc user, but lately, I must admit, it's so easy to download adware etc from sites I always trusted.

    So to state my main reason for posting, its to ask if what I heard was/is correct, that Windows Club and Major Geeks, are good/safe sites.

    My son recently was caught out, mostly due to his vulnerability, as he invited 2 separate sites to have remote assistance to his pc, and they really messed up.

    They even tried to take money from his account, in the end, I had to reformat his pc.

    Comments will be welcome.

    Note from Moderator: Since your post isnīt about any software to download I moved it here, to Windows Security

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    Hi !

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, this webbsite is safe.
    All the software that we release as freeware are "clean", and does not contain any crapware like browser-toolbars etc.
    You can verify that yourself, download the software and doublecheck it on VirusTotal

    Although we do our best to keep the forum clean by deleting posts about suspicious software,
    we can of course not check every link and every post, so be careful when someone has posted a link to another webbsite,
    and when downloading software from that webbsite.

    I can not answer for MajorGeeks, but i have not heard about any problems with that webbsite.
    However, remember that it is always recommended to only download directly from the softwarecompany who created the software,
    or a webbsite they direct you to.
    Some other webbsites, similar to MajorGeeks, package the software in their own installers which might install malware,
    or crapware like browser-toolbars on your computer.
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    A few things to remember: Never respond to calls who offer to help you. Never give remote access to people you do not know. Microsoft too will never call you.

    This link may interest you: Avoid Online Tech Support Scams and PC Cleanup Solutions

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