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Thread: Remove Hao123 virus from Windows computer

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    Default Remove Hao123 virus from Windows computer


    I tried to remove the Hao123 virus from my computer but without success.

    The virus appends the "...hao123..." to the IE shortcut pathname [in Shortcut>Target when I opened the IE properties] so that each time I started IE it showed the Hao123 homepage.

    I tried Many ways to remove/fix the problem, including:

    1. Ran various anti-virus scan softwares [some detected the virus but it just didn't go away].
    2. Physically deleted the "...hao123..." at various locations [from the IE file at the startmenu and program files] but it still came back.
    3. Reset my system to earlier version [prior to the suspected time my computer contracted the virus] and it still didn't work.
    4. Added Hao123 to the 'restricted sites' in the 'internet options>security' and it didn't help anything.
    5. Reloaded IE and it didn't work either.

    Is there anything else I could do to remove the virus? The same virus also infected other internet browsers in my computer in similar ways.



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    Hao123 is a browser hijacker that displays ads.

    AdwCleaner is a good free tool that will help remove it completely.

    See Browser Hijacking and Free Browser Hijacker Removal Tools

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