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Thread: Malwarebytes detects Baidu antivirus as threat

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    Default Malwarebytes detects Baidu antivirus as threat

    Google translator:

    Baidu antivirus addition, I have installed several computers malwarebytes antimalware and recently detected a threat:


    But I put it down to make it detects a scanner that after cleaning and rebooting, reappears.
    It may be a false threat, but for testing whether Baidu and nothing else, I've uninstalled Baidu and these threats no longer appear, I have reinstalled and reappear.

    Anyway, it's a .db file, or sending information out, and this should not be allowed without authorization from the user.
    I researched online and there are many people with this problem and many begin to distrust Baidu myself included.
    If I do not solve this I fear that these computers will change the antivirus, and obviously I will cease to promote Baidu and withdraw my youtube tutorials,
    and tips and my web.
    Therefore, before deleting it considered one of the best free antivirus that there I decided make this statement to see if there is a solution,
    and we can continue to rely on Baidu or not.

    Scanning with the malwarebytes antimalware detected:

    3 folders:
    PUP.Optional.ChinAd, Cocuments and SettingsAll Users.WINDOWSDocumentosBaidu, ,
    PUP.Optional.ChinAd, Cocuments and SettingsAll Users.WINDOWSDocumentosBaiduCommon, ,
    PUP.Optional.ChinAd, Cocuments and SettingsAll Users.WINDOWSDocumentosBaiduCommonI18N, ,
    y 1 archivo and 1 file:
    PUP.Optional.ChinAd, Cocuments and SettingsAll Users.WINDOWSDocumentosBaiduCommonI18Nconf.db
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    Since this is a question about MBAM and itīs detection you should post on MBAMīs own forum instead.
    You will get much better help there.

    It is always best to contact the company directly regarding specific antimalware-programs, their detection and removal of malware etc,
    fx. by posting questions in their own forum.

    MBAM has a really good forum with excellent support.
    I know, iīm a member...
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    It could be a false positive. As suggested you should post this issue on Malwarebytes as well as Baidu forums and bring this to their notice.

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