I have a terrible hacker on my network. I am not going to list the 50 reasons why I know this, I am positive. It has been going on for 7 long miserable weeks. Wrecked two computers. Been a nightmare and I am at war with him/her trying to get rid of him.
One thing he likes to do is whenever I try to download a software dealing in networking, most of the time he jumps right on and messes up the download/installation. Some he lets through. One such software is Glasswire, an excellent tool for finding out what is on your network and has many other good features. When I found out about it I immediately tried to download it. But 3/4 of the way it said "installation failed". I clicked on that and somehow it went through, but then when I tried to activate it, it said "the service stopped running", and was unusable. I have tried three more times to Download this at different times of the day. He seems to have my system automated to make the download fail. How he does this I don't know. I use McAfee. Right in the middle of the download, up will pop up two different notifications under "programs wanting internet access". One is "Glasswire Stats Reporter" and the other is simply "Windows Installer". It gives me the option to block them, and I do, but he still succeeds in stopping the download. I also use a software called Spy Shelter Premium that shoots out notifications all day long of things he is trying to do to my computer. The Glasswire was listed in the Spy Shelter list, but I could not figure out why or what to do. I know why he doesn't want me having Glasswire on. Because it will either reveal information about his connection to my system, or he feels threatened by it in some way. I have seen many network scanners on the Internet, but Glasswire seems to be the best. I have managed to download a few like "whoisonmywife". From it a box comes up about every 7 minutes that says "an unidentified computer was found on your network", but no other detailed information. Others have given me information that doesn't look "right" to me, but I have limited computer knowledge and need someone to come in here and look at all of the evidence I have and make sense of it and stop this hacker. I am not asking for help getting rid of a hacker here. I am concentrating on the fact that he can get into my system and stop me from downloading applications and many other things I do not care to mention, because it all makes me sick. Really, my question is two fold: 1) how does he stop/mess up a download I want to do 2) Is there any way I can "outsmart him" and get the download on, or does it just come down to getting rid of HIM? Thanks for your help.