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Thread: Protect Your Data From Prying Eyes

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    Default Protect Your Data From Prying Eyes

    Protect Your Data From Prying Eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by Being Manan
    Today morning I came across a thread on a forum where someone was able to access classified data on a PC. The guy who’s data was accessed was freaked out. Totally! It was more so his fault because he failed to take some basic and I mean really basic steps to make sure anyone & everyone does not have access to that data. Here are some tips to make sure people with even basic computing skills don’t get access to your data in your absence. What all should you take care of:

    * Disable Recent Docs
    * Folder Access
    * Parental Control
    * Disable Media Player History
    * Clear Browser Content

    Most important for Windows users - Use NTFS file system, if you are on Vista then you are on NTFS, if you are using XP make sure the data you want protect is on a NTFS partition.
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