1. Disable the Transparent Glass effect. Windows Vista is the first Microsoft OS that sports a fully 3D-accelerated GUI. Yes the Transparent Glass effects look cool but its a major cause of system crash. You can turn off this effect for more best performance. Go to your desktop, right-click anywhere, select Personalize, select Windows Color and Appearance, and uncheck “Enable Transparency”.

2. Another main cause of system lag is graphical effect that has an adverse effect on the system is the animation. To disable this go to ontrol Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Performance -> Visual Effects and disable the option “Animate Windows when minimizing or maximizing”.

3. Disable services Windows Vista loads has so many services that are really not required for the average user. But after disbaling some of the services you can save some valuable system memory.

Go to -> Run and type services.msc After that an new window of Services control panel will open. From where you can disable some unwanted services. Some of them are ……

1) Offline Files
2) Tablet PC Input Service
3) Terminal Services
4) Fax service