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Thread: 3 Easy Ways to Share Information Better in Vista

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    Smile 3 Easy Ways to Share Information Better in Vista

    New tools in Windows Vista Ultimate enhance efficiency. The ability to work together is often a key to small business success. Effective teamwork and collaboration between employees and partners can be a powerful combination.

    Three new tools in Windows Vista Ultimate were designed to strengthen the ability of small businesses to work together effectively.

    1. Windows Meeting Space

    Windows Meeting Space enables you to collaborate with others anywhere, anytime, even when you don’t have access to a company network or the Internet. As shown below, Windows Meeting Space takes advantage of existing networks to connect you with other users. If a network isn’t available, it enables you to create a one-time, private network using the wireless capabilities of your PC and those of your meeting attendees.

    Suppose you plan a meeting with a small group at a café, and you want to share a PowerPoint presentation with them. The café isn't a Wi-Fi hotspot and you don’t have access to an overhead projector. With Windows Meeting Space, that is not a problem. Here is what you do:

    • Initiate a sharing session with Windows Meeting Space.
    • People you want to share with join the private sharing session with a password you have provided.
    • Your presentation appears on their screens and you guide them through it.

    When you share files or presentations in Windows Meeting Space, you can also give control of the file to attendees. This can be useful if you want to collaboratively make changes to a presentation, document, or spreadsheet – something you cannot do when you are giving the presentation on an overhead projector.

    2. Enhanced File Sharing

    In many small businesses, multiple users share a single PC. Windows XP made it easy to log on or log off to share the PC with others, but it was not so easy to figure out how to save files to a shared folder. Also, with Windows XP files and folders shared from your hard disk drive are available to anyone who uses the PC.

    Windows Vista Ultimate makes it easy to share files more selectively. You can save a file to a personal profile (and not share it with others), or to a public profile accessible by all users of the PC. There is also a Sharing Wizard that shows you each person with an account on the PC and lets you select who can and cannot see specific files.

    It is also easier now to share files with other users on PCs across your network.

    The same Sharing Wizard enables you to share files across the network, so you can:

    • Choose the co-workers you want to share with.
    • Set the level of access you want to give them (reader, contributor, or co-owner).

    3. Windows Fax and Scan

    The Windows Fax and Scan feature can save you time by simplifying the faxing and scanning process and helping you more easily organise and manage faxes and scanned documents.

    Windows Vista Ultimate advancements that streamline the faxing and scanning process for small businesses include:

    • Easier organisation of faxes and scans. Windows Fax and Scan provides categories and folders for organising faxes and scanned documents, as well as the ability to create custom folders. When you want to move faxes or scans, you simply drag the file to the appropriate folder (similar to organising e-mail messages into mail folders).
    • Support for multiple user accounts. For small businesses sharing PCs among multiple users, Windows Fax and Scan enables employees to log on to a PC and be recognised as the person sending or receiving a fax. That way your recipients will not get a generic fax from your company; they will get a personalised fax from you.
    • Simplified sending of faxes and scans. Sending a fax is as simple as creating an e-mail. You simply select New Fax from a file menu, fill out a cover page template, type in a fax number or retrieve one from your address book, and then attach the document you want to fax. When you send it, the pages of the attachment become the pages of your fax.

    Using Windows Vista Ultimate provides the freedom, flexibility, and control to share information more efficiently and securely – allowing you and your team to get more done in less time.


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    Nice one actually Almost missed reading this one. Thanks!

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