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Thread: Annoying Windows Popups

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    Default Annoying Windows Popups

    Ok so, I don't know if this can be changed, but, everytime I'm playing a game, and one of my programs has to close, or something happens that requires for windows to give me a pop up message explaining what's happening, and interupts my game, even right when I'm playing, my game minimizes to the taskbar, and Windows seems to think that the pop up is more important. Now, what I really hate about this is, I play GTA San Andreas alot. Now, anyone who has played it on their PC knows, it's unstable and crashy. WELL. When ever I'm playing GTASA, and I get interupted for a pop up, after I close that stupid pop up that I never read anyway, I get back into GTA, and It's frozen, and I have to restart it, and do everything all over again since last save. So if anyone knows if it's possible for Windows to NOT interupt my games for a pop up, and instead, if a pop up message has to be displayed just keep my game at front so I can keep playing, that would be great.

    Windows Vista Home Premium, I beleive 32bit

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    I believe the pop ups that you are refering too are the UAC prompts. The UAC is meant to be security feature meant to protect your computer; but yes it does tend to get irritating at times.

    The UAC seems to have replaced the BSOD in the crown for the unpopularity charts. And though I do not advice it, should you wish to disable UAC, while playing your game/s, you can do so simply as follows :

    Open Control Panel > User Accounts > Click Turn User Account Control Off > Click yes again (!) to the UAC prompt > Clear the check box > Click OK. Reboot.

    Alternatively, you may want to try TameUAC utility or Disable UAC for certain applications only.

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