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Thread: Stop UAC from being annoying, without disabling it.

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    Default Stop UAC from being annoying, without disabling it.

    This is probably commonly known now, but here's my tip.

    UAC Info:

    UAC, User Account Control, is a program integrated in Windows Vista that controls program execution. It is actually a very good security measure, but not correctly implemented by Microsoft.


    1. UAC can be set to prompt in different ways, or to not prompt at all. You can change the settings under Group Policy Editor (secpol.msc) > Local Policies > Security Options. If you want to keep it from popping up, you really don't want to disable it. This will cause some Vista programs to malfunction. You want to change it to Auto Elevate without Prompting. You can also play around with the settings and see what you like best.

    2. You can change UAC so it doesn't steal the screen and keep other apps from gaining focus. Once again it is in the Group Policy Editor.

    It's called:

    "Switch to secure desktop when prompting for elevation" and set this to disabled.

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    If you are using Vista Home Premium & Basic you can use Tweak UAC(free) tool as there is no Group Policy in those versions.

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