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Thread: Change the default font used by Windows Vista

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    Lightbulb Change the default font used by Windows Vista

    Whether for menus, icons or windows, Windows Vista uses the default font size Sego IU 9. You can replace it and use a font that you like more, in a size better suited .

    1. Right-click the mouse on a blank area of the screen and choose the Customize.

    2. Click Color and appearance of windows.

    3. Then, click Open classic appearance properties for additional color options.

    4. Then click the Advanced button.

    5. Pull down the list item and choose the element you want to change the font, icon, for example.

    6. Then pull down the Font list and choose the font to use. Then define its size and horns (bold or italic).

    7. Then repeat the operation for the other elements to customize. Finally, click on the OK button and then click Apply. The change is immediate and you donít have to restart your computer.

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    Cool, thanks for the tip

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    Nice Thanks for sharing such step by step guide.

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