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Thread: How to show Image sizes in Windows Vista Explorer

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    Post How to show Image sizes in Windows Vista Explorer

    If you want to know the size of your images at a glance without having to open or select them or right click to see its Properties, you can do so easily. You just have to select to show their Dimensions in the folder.

    1. Open the folder containing images or photos.

    2. Click the View menu and then click Details.

    3. Right Click the mouse button on the column headers and choose More.

    4. Then check the box in front of Dimensions.

    5. Use the Move Up and Down buttons to choose the location of the column.

    Click OK to save changes.

    6. A new column is added dimensions and acknowledges the size of the images.

    You can click to sort your images by size too now.

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    A simple but nice tip. I never thought of doing this I've now chosen to even show the Type of images too, by checking on the Show Type box.

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    Cool tip! thanks for sharing,
    I never thought of that also..

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