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Thread: Clipboard contents - How to view.

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    Default Clipboard contents - How to view.

    I have mistakenly cut some chapters in a book I was writing via an e-mail to a friend and now I thought of using the clipboard to try to get them back, but the only way to get the vista clipboard viewer is to install a program that I must close all applications for. Won't I lose my clipboard contents? Is there a way to re-access these clipboard contents?

    Unfortunately I think I also made a bad mistake when I mistakenly uninstalled Explorer 7 that the computer came with and installed Explorer 8. I have never been able to re-install Explorer 7 and I don't know if that will interfere. I am afraid to touch anything on my computer because I might lose those chapters I wrote. Please help or direct me to where I might find help. I'm desperate and know nothing about computers except how to mess them up.

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    Regarding your clipboard issue : When you copy or cut or move data, it is held temporarily in an invisible portion of memory and hence you may have lost it, if you have, say, restarted your system. Nevertheless, do check out if How To View & Manage Clipboard In Vista helps you on any way.

    Also pls see if restoring 'previous versions / shadow copies' helps you get your lost chapters too.

    Regarding IE : Go to Uninstall Programs applet in your Control Panel and uninstall Internet Explorer 8 update. On completion and on reboot, you will see your IE7

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