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Thread: Delete files more easily and more quickly!!!

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    Lightbulb Delete files more easily and more quickly!!!

    To delete data in the operating system Windows Vista, you must first select the files and / or folders. Then we can request removal with the Delete key on the keyboard, using the contextual menu available after clicking the right mouse or a drag (or drag & drop) to the Windows Vista Recycle Bin.

    But this is not done, because remains three stages. It is necessary to confirm the consignment to the trash, ask to empty the trash and confirm the emptying the trash. In short, all steps which may well seem unnecessary if you are sure of yourself. Here's how to remove a coup.

    Right click on the icon of the trash and, in the context menu that appears, go down to select "Properties".

    In the Properties window for each hard drive, two settings are possible. It is possible to disable the confirmation when removing and deactivating the passage through the trash.

    For a very quick removal, just disable both; at your own risk, however. But to deal with handling errors, you are strongly advised to keep the passage through the trash to retrieve the data.

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    Maybe a safer way than disabling anything and perhaps even easier is the method in which you depress the shift button and then press delete from your right click menu. This way the files are deleted immediately and the recycle bin is bypassed.

    With this method you should also be sure you will not need to restore the deleted files.

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    Useful tips - both Thanks guys!

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